How does it work?

php To PDF is an API based solution. We are a web service providing you the easiest way to generate PDF files from PHP Code.

Our server does the heavy lifting and generates the PDFs for you. The generated PDF files will be returned and stored on your server in the specified directory with your specified file name, or you can set them to be created and displayed or downloaded by a user on the fly.

You do not need any special packages or permissions. It works on any server running PHP!

We have simplified our API so that you just need to download the phpToPDF.php file from your account and include it in your code.   It's that simple.

Overview Video - phpToPDF In Action

Thanks to Webucator, a provider of PHP training, for creating the video below demonstrating how to use phpToPDF.       phpToPDF is not affiliated with Webucator in any way.

Check out our Examples Page for ready to run samples.

Ready To Get Started?
  1. Sign up to access our API    
  2. Download and include phpToPDF.php
  3. Call functions to generate PDFs

Ongoing Development:   We have a great development team continually working on bug fixes and improvements. See the bottom of our FAQ page with the planned "in-development" features that will be rolled out next to all of our users.