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Do I need to install an application on my server?

No. You just need to upload the phpToPDF.php file and include it in your code.

Does it require heavy server resources?

All of the PDF generation is performed on our server. It does not consume your resources.

Are all HTML Tags are supported?

Yes. Generated PDFs will look the same as in your web browser. However, we recommend designing your report html with width less than 1024 px.

What does this service cost?

Each PDF generation costs 1 token. Read about tokens here.

Is phpToPDF Actively Supported?

Yes. We are always here and always adding new features. In fact, we urge you to to suggest a feature you would like to see implemented. We love hearing from our community so drop us a line.

Planned Features

We are always updating and adding new features. If you have an idea or suggestion, let us know.

Some of the features being further developed right now are an easy print current page to PDF function, password-protected PDFs and an on-site enterprise version.


How much does each PDF generation cost?

Each PDF generation costs 1 token. Every account starts with 30 tokens and more can be purchased in small or bulk increments for as little as under a penny each.

Is every PDF generation 1 token?

Yes. We keep it simple. No matter what the file-size or how many pages, a PDF generation costs 1 token.

Do tokens expire?

No. Tokens will never expire.

What happens if I run out of tokens? Will my PDFs still generate?

We understand that phpToPDF is integrated into many different applications for many different companies and clients in many different places. Short answer -> PDFs will still generate for a small grace period.

As your tokens run out, we will email you. You can customize this 'low token' alert threshold in your dashboard. If for some reason your token balance hits 0, PDF generations will continue for a short grace period while we attempt to contact you to get your account up to date. After the short grace period, PDF generation will stop.

It is important to keep your email address updated so we can alert you when your balance is running low.

Is anything else included when I purchase tokens?

Yes, when you purchase tokens, your account is considered 'Premium'. Some of the benefits are:

  • Priority Technical and Setup Support
  • Direct line of communication to the developers for new feature suggestions

PDF Generation / Technical Assistance

If you are experiencing a problem, please read through the Documentation, this FAQ, and all of the examples.   If after you have checked everything and your problem remains, please contact us.

The PDFs are blank or have an error message. What can I do?

  • Make sure the folder you are writing the PDF to has proper priveledges. 777 it and test again.
  • Make sure your php sections start and end with "<?php" and not just "<?". Shorthand tags are sometimes not supported.
  • Check your directory name and slashes. You may or may not need a leading '/' in front of the directoty save name.
  • Re-download the phpToPDF library and try again.
  • Run some examples on their own.
  • Update your php.ini to  
    allow_url_fopen = 1
    . In rare cases this fixed HTML source calls.
  • If you are still having problems, contact us.

PDF will not generate using a LAN page as the URL.

PDFs will generate from LAN pages! But because our server cannot access the internal LAN page it must be passed as HTML. If you are unsure if your page is accessible publically (by our server), put it in here:

See this example created specifically for this situation.

My PDF has weird characters and question marks.

This is related to character encoding. See the character encoding documentation for more details.

My website looks wrong in the PDF

Try changing stylesheet and image links into an absolute URL. That means, if you have a stylesheet, at "css/styles.css", you should set a path to the stylesheet: "".

Alternatively, if there is a single issue with the site when printed to PDF, such as a background image not displaying properly, we recommend using css print media to ignore that piece of your site.

My PDFs has extra text in the background.

This is probably our watermark. When you run out of tokens, a phpToPDF watermark will appear on all of the PDFs you generate. To remove this, add tokens to your account here.

Check out our Examples Page for ready to run samples.