Get started :: PHP to PDF generation steps

  1. Sign up to access our API    
  2. Download and include phpToPDF.php
  3. Call functions to generate PDFs


Sample Code :: PHP to PDF Generaton [ More Examples ]

Here is the phptopdf_url() function for creating a PDF using a URL

include_once('phpToPDF.php') ;
//Code to generate PDF file from specified URL

Alternatively, you can use the phptopdf_html() function to pass a varible that holds html code for your report.

$html '<html><head></head><body>contents of a report.....</body></html>'
//Code to generate PDF file from HTML content stored in a variable

No Installation Needed

No packages or command line access needed. No heavy resources required. We do the heavy lifting.

Works on ANY server running PHP

The simplest and most reliable PHP to PDF generation.
Just include a single php file.